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Cool Technology

Cooltech is one of the most advanced Cool Assisted Lipolysis treatments available today. It utilises controlled cooling to freeze the fat cells in the target area to the point where apoptosis is triggered.Surgical treatments involve anaesthesia, increased risk, are painful, and require significant downtime. Cooltech has Dual Handpiece technology in 6 different-sized applicators to perform full body contouring.

Most people in otherwise good shape have stubborn fat deposits which do not respond to exercise and diet: abdomen, love handles, inner arms, inner thigh and outer hips, etc. A big percentage of these people will not consider undergoing surgery. For them, cooltech Fat Freezing is the ideal treatment: it is non-invasive, does not require downtime, and specifically targets these areas of concern.
Complete body remodelling

cooltech is designed for treating localised fat pockets in various areas of the body. It has six applicators fashioned to adapt to all has six applicators fashioned to adapt to all areas of the body, enabling one’s figure to be completely remodelled.

Maximum safety

cooltech has been studied in numerous in vivo and in vitro clinical trials with certified clinical predictability and maximum results. cooltech technology is based on the proven science of cryolipolysis.

Visible results

More than 1,000,000 patients have received coolltech treatments with high satisfaction rates. Patients can begin to see results in as little as 15 days.

Cutting edge technology for remodelling full body

The cooltech procedure utilises cryolipolysis technology. It works on the principle that fat cells and tissue are most vulnerable to fat cells and tissue are most vulnerable to temperature changes. The controlled cooling treatment activates apoptosis—controlled cell death—and gradually and naturally eliminates stubborn fat from the body.